New Year. Again.

      January 1, 2024 New year, new words, same story. Light in the dark The Way to see, Really See. But sight is dimmed by wrong Right is dimmed by wrong True colors fade in the dusk Stars dim in the night, in the light of day They disappear In the darkness of … Read more


We started talking about this sometime last fall because of friends and family and decided that we would not attempt it until after the new year because of our calendar. January was the first month that we didn’t have anything on our calendar that would preclude us from endeavoring to take this step. As soon … Read more

The Days Fly By

It seems to me that the days are replacing each other with lightning speed lately. I’m still trying to recover from thanksgiving only it’s already after the new year. How did this happen? Intentions I had flew out the window. There was sickness, doctor appointments, poor attempts at keeping up with laundry, getting meals cooked … Read more