Five Minute Friday: Risk

Now there’s a risky word if ever I heard one. The very thought brings up fear, anticipation, joy, annoyance and a whole other bag of words most of us would rather not think about. Take it a step further, risk is what propels us to move from the spot we are on to the next … Read more

Five Minute Friday: Begin

This is the final Friday that Lisa-Jo Baker will host FMF- it will continue, but it will begin a new phase on another site. Fitting then that today’s prompt is “Begin”. I sit waiting here, looking out the window, waiting. For something. To Begin. Begin is such a big word packed into five letters, there … Read more

Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Today’s prompt is: Exhale Inhale…exhale. Repeat. From the moment we are born till our last breath we measure life by the number of breaths. Always, the exhale signals the end of a breath. We hold our breath in anticipation, in dread, and on exertion. In labor, we measure the contractions and ride each wave by … Read more