What Do We Do With Accumulated Burdens ?

This morning I came across an old fortune from a fortune cookie that I had kept in my wallet “sometimes traveling to a new place leads to a great transformation”. I’m sitting in the lobby of a busy hotel in New Orleans it’s a beautiful day sunny and in the 70s I see folks checking … Read more

New Year. Again.

      January 1, 2024 New year, new words, same story. Light in the dark The Way to see, Really See. But sight is dimmed by wrong Right is dimmed by wrong True colors fade in the dusk Stars dim in the night, in the light of day They disappear In the darkness of … Read more


    This morning I culled the tops of my cilantro that have gone to seed. I dry them to make ground coriander for cooking. As I was harvesting it into a bowl on the patio table, my mind wandered.  To planting seeds, cultivating, caretaking, harvesting. To the Word of God. To what Jesus said … Read more