Cracked Pot (it’s not about the outside)

This afternoon I grabbed a composition book off the coffee table. When I sat down I found that it was the graph paper one in which I sketch my ideas for a new kitchen. As I started to write anyway {because the idea struck}, I found myself thinking on these lines. The squares on the … Read more

Five Minute Friday: Write

Haven’t done this in a while- but today’s prompt for Five Minute Friday from Lisa-Jo Baker, was the impetus I needed. WRITE she said.   So I click on the big blue W and open a doc and I write. To write is to live through written expression of one’s thoughts, emotions and beliefs. For … Read more

As Fall gives way

It’s been quite a bit quiet around here recently. Family life has been occupying most of my time. I’m writing today to say that I think, I hope, I’m back. I’ve been working on some changes on this site as well and maybe just maybe it will look better. I’m also working on developing a … Read more