The Days Fly By

It seems to me that the days are replacing each other with lightning speed lately. I’m still trying to recover from thanksgiving only it’s already after the new year. How did this happen? Intentions I had flew out the window. There was sickness, doctor appointments, poor attempts at keeping up with laundry, getting meals cooked … Read more

Declare 2017 – Sweet as Honey

I sit here staring at this screen with it’s blinking cursor trying to talk myself out of a panic attack. I just opened an email that said “See you in 12 Days!!!” Or something like that. You see, I have a ticket on my phone for a three-day conference that I’ve had since last summer. … Read more

Bad News

Life keeps taking crazy turns. Each day the news interrupts life; revealing the darkness of the world we live in. Headlines scream across the screen of the next new terror that’s come to light. Not wanting to see it, we turn inward and end up looking at self and see the us we don’t want … Read more