Declare 2017 – Sweet as Honey

I sit here staring at this screen with it’s blinking cursor trying to talk myself out of a panic attack. I just opened an email that said “See you in 12 Days!!!” Or something like that.

You see, I have a ticket on my phone for a three-day conference that I’ve had since last summer. It’s constantly on my mind- well, in the way back of my mind. Today, the immediacy of this has fallen out of the sky onto my head; jarring me awake.

I have attended Declare Conference for Christian women bloggers since the second year it was held- before it was called Declare. I was instantly captivated by what these precious women were trying to do for this sisterhood. I was also a bit intimidated, being one of only a handful of women who could pass as grandmothers- count ‘em on one hand I did- in a room full of 30 somethings- stunning, driven, purposely pursuing life and encouragement with each other and their blog audience. 

I plan on getting myself in my car and driving across town in a couple of weeks (for those of you who don’t live in the metroplex- across town means a little over an hour’s drive one way).

I want to rejoice in their successes, their books, their families, their challenges and accomplishments with each and every one of them. I want to hug those women I’ve met and re-met year after year who share the same hope I have- not of being the most successful whoever- but we share an incredible faith in an Incredible God who loves us with a love that is practically indescribable and that makes this fellowship one that nourishes my heart and my mind and my spirit. The worship times together leave me in awe of our Great God in oh so many ways. 

If you are coming, you will be welcomed with open arms and hearts. They will (I will) bounce your cutie pie baby boy or girl so you can write down the name of your blog for them (me) to follow. I am thoroughly emotionally invested in the message you, my darlings, have to give out. You are the voice in the wilderness of this new Post-Christian World. You have a message that must be declared loudly to those who are drowning.

My own blogging path has just about become nonexistent this year. You read that part about “grandmother” up there in that second paragraph didn’t you? Well, I have ten, yes, I did say 10 grands from my three kids. The oldest is a sophomore in high school this year. (Did I just type that??) and the youngest is just 18 months!!! I’ve been a bit busy elsewhere and I have almost no followers and that’s ok. This is just another season of life. I’m thankful for Declare and know when I leave the fire of passion for writing and passing on to the next generation will be fanned into at least a small flame from the dying embers.

Perhaps, your blog is big and successful (that means there may be a book deal in your future). Perhaps, you are trying to figure out your blog identity and you are crazy lost in the technology part of the blog world. Perhaps, you have not started a blog and are wondering whether it’s for you and you just want to see what it’s all about. 

Declare is for you. And for you. For all of you. And for me. Because at the end of the day we can all use a taste of something sweet to temper all the sourness that this world can bring to us.

I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. When did you feel called to be a digital evangelist, what’s your main medium (podcast / blogging / books / speaking / social media / etc.), and how long have you been doing it?

I have been writing on the sidelines of my life, most of my life. I came to blogging in 2011 at the start of a new season in my life. It began as a way to process my life experiences with the hope of leaving a legacy of words to my children and my children’s children. I’ve said at times I’ve been compelled to write because He gave me so many words. 

2. What is your life scripture?

I’m not sure just one would cover it. But lets start with the first one that I recognized as being significant.

  Hebrews 11:13 — All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, admitting that they were aliens and strangers on earth.”

That ‘alien’ part was what grabbed hold of me. I was the awkward one, the alone on the sidelines one, the i’ll watch from the corner one. I was the Alien in the room- moving a lot does that to one. With this verse I realized that all believers are aliens here and that it’s ok to be an Alien.

3. What are your passions?’

Faith, family. And London.

4. What is your favorite candy and / or food?

Milky Way, Cadbury’s milk chocolate and nut bar (hazelnuts), Dutch chocolate ice cream is right up there with Mexican, Italian, BBQ, and warm bread and butter and fried okra. Oh and these little macarons that are sold in the north of England, in a tearoom called Betty’s.

5. Where is your happy place and what’s it like?

There are two, no, three distinctly different places in mind that send me right over the edge-  northern New Mexico, the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee  and England- all of it. They all feed my soul and if there’s a beach in between where I can pick up shells, it’s all good.

6. Are you working on any exciting projects that you can share about? If so, please share!

I live in the mundane and ordinary every day world; the exciting part is my grandchildren and the kids in my Bible Study class and seeing their eyes light up when they understand how much God loves them.

7. How can we pray for you as you prepare for this year’s conference?

Pray for sanity in my ever changing world (husband retired this year). Each day feels like a year with all that’s going on around me. Pray that I will be the best me that God intended me to be. Whether that’s in words pounded out or in words poured out is up to Him. Pray that what He intends for my writing will be revealed in this extraordinary ordinary life. 

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