Five Minute Fridays: Welcome

Today’s writing prompt for 5-minute friday is WELCOME.

Welcome. The word truly sounds like what it is. Inviting, homey, soft on our tongue. This past week we traveled overseas and that word was heard several times in different languages and different accents- such a pleasant sound. One particular day we had traveled most of the day on the train and were indeed tired when we arrived at our hotel for the next few days and we were greeted with that word when we stepped through the door.

That word was said with meaning. They were truly welcoming and appeared glad that we had arrived at the end of our day’s journey safely. Of course, the fact that it was their job factored in to the welcome; but the pleasant young men and women who greeted us and treated us with genuine warmth were so welcome to us. 

I wonder how welcoming we are at home when a guest or family member arrives at our door. Is there true warmth and invitation to come in and find rest? Or does the atmosphere reek with tension unspoken? Passive aggressive anger simmering just under the surface? Disappointment barely veiled; but not so much the intended victim can’t get that’s what’s going on behind the words? Fuming about something that was or wasn’t done? 

Regardless of who’s at the door, do we treat them the way we want to be treated?  Do we stop and think about how the day has gone from their perspective? Are we honest and open with our disagreements? Or do we hide behind the word “welcome”?   Are we truly glad to see them and show them that they are indeed well-come and that this is indeed a safe haven?

To be honest, I don’t always. But now, before I say “welcome” I will stop and check my attitude and then in true invitation say “Welcome, come on in, I’m so glad you’re here!” Who knows? We may be entertaining angels unaware!



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