Five Minute Friday: Begin

This is the final Friday that Lisa-Jo Baker will host FMF- it will continue, but it will begin a new phase on another site. Fitting then that today’s prompt is “Begin”. I sit waiting here, looking out the window, waiting. For something. To Begin. Begin is such a big word packed into five letters, there … Read more

Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Today’s prompt is: Exhale Inhale…exhale. Repeat. From the moment we are born till our last breath we measure life by the number of breaths. Always, the exhale signals the end of a breath. We hold our breath in anticipation, in dread, and on exertion. In labor, we measure the contractions and ride each wave by … Read more

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

It’s Friday again. Time for 5-Minute Friday- we write full tilt for 5 minutes on a word and the word this week is: Ordinary. Plain Jane. Vanilla. Sun shines, mild breezes blow the curtains in the kitchen window, nothing but catalogs in the mail, the wash is done, the dishes dried, dinner in the oven, … Read more