10 Reasons I will not have a Roomate at Allume

Dear friends- I will be attending a 4 day blogging conference for Christian Women later this month. My decision to attend Allume was a God thing. Totally from Him. So I have no idea how this is going to play out for those 4 days. I signed on for this before I knew anyone at all in the blog world. And my new blogging friends have really raised the bar of expectation with all of their “things my roomie needs to know…” So I thought I would write this as a way of explaining why the only roomie I will have is me, myself, and I -quite a crowd sometimes!

I tend to shy away from people in groups that I don’t know. I don’t initiate well and have to make myself participate until I know the lay of the land. I like being a wallflower, actually I hate it, but there is something to be said for obscurity. It allows me to get comfortable in the surroundings I find myself in before I engage.  Moving right along…

1. I snore, I have allergies, it’s not pretty (so my husband says).

2. I like the anticipation of being alone- totally- for at least some portion of time- an escape.

3. I’m slow moving in the morning – I don’t talk until I’ve had something hot to drink.

4.I have to concentrate on getting myself together and any distraction ie: someone talking to me is liable to ensure that I will be late. You see, I have to stop and think about what the other person said and then formulate an answer. I don’t multitask anywhere well except with kids and in the kitchen.

5. I have insomnia- regularly. I can fall asleep faster than a rock hits the floor but wake usually a couple or three hours later and can’t go back to sleep. That is not conducive to a roommate’s sleep.

6. I can talk to the wee hours or crash and burn with no notice.

7. I’m messy.

8. I can’t decide what to wear until I’ve tried on everything I’ve brought at least twice.

9. I’m usually cold when I go to bed but that can change at a moment’s notice.

10.  I’m getting old in my old age! Notice- this was all about me-ha

I realize that this paints a pretty bleak picture (or some pretty lame excuses)- of a grouchy old bird, but once I make a connection it’s all good. I’ve had years of practice of making myself participate- all those nursing conferences didn’t go to waste! So once I find the comfort zone- yee haw!! Besides, I’m counting on you Better Writer girls to spur me on.

Oh, and Mandy? I can be bribed with chocolate, too. Just no bacon, please?

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