Five Minute Friday: Look

It’s 5-minute Friday time again! Today’s prompt is:


Look. “Look at me!” the child inside says. The adult in me says “Don’t look at me!”

I am uncomfortable with attention, yet I crave affirmation.

The truth is – inside – I really want you to look at me, to see me for the real me, not just the package I’m wrapped in.

Because I’m very insecure inside this wrapper. I need someone to say I see the real you and I like you. 

If you are like me –on the inside- I suspect there will be a lot of us at Allume next week – we will all be looking for the real us inside the wrappers we are wrapped in.

May I make a request? Will you make your wrapper fit the real you? So I can see and recognize the sisters I long for when I look at you?

{lest you get worried that I mean no makeup or perfumery or nice clothes- that’s not what I’m talking about here- just so we’re straight on that} J

 “Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” Luke 12:27

 May we all be as lilies, just the way God made us!



Five Minute Friday: See

She sits. Squirming. The scissors close to her ear. It tickles. Another squirm. Finished. A look in the mirror. “See Mama, I’m pretty!”

She sits again. He is squirming. Legs akimbo. He squawks. His eyes flash. He watches in the mirror. He squawks again. She hands him a lollipop. He moves as the clippers come close to his ears. He is DONE. She is not. The lollipop is launched across the room. Now she is done. He grins.

The first child is mine, when she was three, her first haircut. The second is hers, he is almost three, not his first haircut.

I see her in him. I love what I see.



This is my contribution this week to 5-minute Fridays.