Five Minute Friday: See

She sits. Squirming. The scissors close to her ear. It tickles. Another squirm. Finished. A look in the mirror. “See Mama, I’m pretty!”

She sits again. He is squirming. Legs akimbo. He squawks. His eyes flash. He watches in the mirror. He squawks again. She hands him a lollipop. He moves as the clippers come close to his ears. He is DONE. She is not. The lollipop is launched across the room. Now she is done. He grins.

The first child is mine, when she was three, her first haircut. The second is hers, he is almost three, not his first haircut.

I see her in him. I love what I see.



This is my contribution this week to 5-minute Fridays.

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