He leads me to see His gifts

I made a trip recently across the pond and wandered through the big city and the small town. Walked a path by a river and paused, refreshed by the movement and the silence at the same time. Sat in a small, quiet church on a weekday morning that was filled with God and me.  Went … Read more

Nature’s Portraits

Nature’s Portraits Thought I would offer up some recent pictures. I usually take pics of flowers and landscapes; however sunsets and other pictures of God’s Handiwork also make it into the camera lens. The first pic is of the full moon that was so bright recently. I’m not sure how it happened; but the actual … Read more

Flowers of Summer

The flowers of summer glow with color whether in Colorado or in Maine. The children are back at their studies and I’ve settled down with a few books that are on my reading list. But before I begin reading, I thought I’d just give you all an eyeful of the Artistry of God.     … Read more