How did THAT Happen? Captive Thoughts

It’s amazing to me that I can merrily go along with my day; until I can’t.   Some days something is said, something implied, something misheard, misspoke, or some mishap occurs that completely changes my attitude, my perception, my blood pressure. It changes my whole outlook, my heart and my speech. I become closed in, angry, … Read more

Peace. 2019.

Peace. 2019. What a lovely, peaceful moment is reflected in the picture above. Just sitting, watching the boats and the ducks go by on a lazy afternoon. “Peace”. It’s the word I’m facing this year. Such a challenge. But then, if it wasn’t a challenge what would be the purpose of having a word? The … Read more

The Warning of Watchman Nee

I wish I had read the quote below as a young woman. But, I wouldn’t have been able to grasp the heart of it. Spending time with God. Deliberately. Always. All the time. Constant, consistent Prayer. Gut wrenching, pleading Prayer. Hallelujah, jumping up and down, hands raised, singing Prayer. Is the One you are talking … Read more