Risky Business

The time draws near for Declare Conference. Next month,  I am going again, for the umpteenth time.  This year I find that I am getting nudges, hints, and still small voice messages from many different sources regarding the conference. I have questioned my attendance for the past three years since I’ve found myself writing less … Read more

Declare 2018- Are You a “Warrior”?

When I started thinking about “Warrior”-the theme for the Declare Conference this year, my approach was more about thinking how that related to my life and the lives of other Christians. However, as I continued to think, to mull it over, to write my impressions, I’ve become more aware of what being a warrior means … Read more

After Whole30: What We Learned

We made it through the #Whole30. We actually did it. And now we are in the re-introduction phase-legumes first-beans and peanuts didn’t cause a problem. Today it was non-gluten containing grains- so we did corn. Hey, we live in Texas, where man cannot live without tortilla chips. So far, so good. Three days from now…. … Read more