Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

FMF is back! and here’s the first one of the brand spanking new year!!!



Doesn’t that word just fairly shout itself out loud? Just looking at it makes me want to grab it and run!

Paul instructs us to make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil, calling us to be wise in Ephesians 5.  He knew what would be facing us in our day. Are we, in wisdom, grasping opportunity when it shows up? Do we declare the Goodness of the Lord; do we share what He has done for us; do we make the most of every opportunity we are given? 

It comes on silent feet, you know. Quietly it arrives in the middle of a conversation, after an outburst, at the bedside, in a storm of tears. You don’t notice its arrival, but there it is, right there in front of you, before you know it. And… if you don’t grasp it – it’s gone in a flash, the blink of an eye! Because the days are evil. And opportunities are fleeting…

Be wise, girls. Be wise. Make the most of every opportunity!

Ding. Time’s up.


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