The Perfect Gift

On the bookcase, where I can see it every day, is a little red box with a tiny blue bow. A couple of years ago, my granddaughter gave me this little box at Christmas. She was so proud of herself as she told me that she had made it the week before in Sunday School.  … Read more


The moon came out again tonight to say “hello!” in a big way. Playing coy. She slipped in and out of the wispy clouds high in the December sky. She began the night full round, golden as she started her climb; fading to silvery white as the night grew cold. December nights in the northern … Read more

Just When I thought I had it all Figured Out

Who am I kidding?    Myself!   I long for complete honesty, yet I myself am untruthful. I long for companionship on a deep Godly foundation, yet I do nothing. I long for grandchildren who KNOW God, yet I say little. I long for a continual conversation with God, yet I am distracted.   I … Read more