Poetry from out of Nowhere


Somewhere in the world tonight 

A mother’s lost her baby  

A husband’s lost his wife 

A child has lost her brother

A young man has lost his life


How can it be? 

These things that cause such grief?


I pray You, Lord, look down and see our poverty 

I pray You, Lord, reach down and relieve our helpless misery 


Our hope, it seems, 

Is in wishing for what is not and what never could be 

How unrealistic and heavy this vision sits


 It burdens our hearts and blinds our sight 

It keeps us far from morning’s light


Where Hope springs-




Through all this pain

In Love’s Strong Hand 

Our souls’ best hope resides in You 


We cannot know the fullness of Your own great plan

Yet, fully know the comfort in Your nail-scarred hand 


We all may grieve a loss today 

But the ransom’s paid 

We are redeemed

 Our time on earth is brief. 



You are faithful

You hold us close


When all we see is dark, unending night 

When we question all that is, 

All that You are, 

All we’ve ever known and thought-


When we only know our spirits will soon depart

 And all our plans will come to naught*


When finding only dark despair, 

We grieve and grieve in the depths of sorrow 

Until we see at last

You are the Strength of our heart 

Our Refuge and our Hope, our Portion Forever**

*Psalm 146:4  **Psalm 73:26


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