Five Minute Friday: Release

It’s Friday, that 5 minute writing day. I have begun to count the weeks by Fridays- the days we write, spontaneously, deeply, shallowly, eloquently, plainly. We just write what we’re given on one word.

The word this week is:


That old country song is running in my head now- “Please Release Me”. Funny how words pop up memories like that. Things that were pent up and sealed can suddenly surface and take us back to that moment in time in a split second.  We can smile or a tear come to our eye before we send those things back to where they came from. Not a bad thing to walk memory lane a while.

Unless— those things are something we hold onto with iron grips. When that happens, we become slaves to what we are holding; subject to whatever whim those thoughts bring.  But when we release our grip, we open our hand, we say, “It’s always been Yours Lord” we find that we are the thing that is released.

Wherever you find yourself today, whether it’s resisting the toddler independence or the teen-adult leaving the nest, the first sign of gray hair, holding the heavy burden of desire for life to be like it once was, the sorrow when someone is no longer here- He Knows. He will take that burden when we lay it down and we will find sweet release. 

My eyes are ever on the Lord,
    for only he will release my feet from the snare. Psalm 25:15

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