Life Goes On…

Daily, I’m reminded of my own mortality. It seems not a day goes by without some nudge or other that whispers: You are getting old. The time is coming.

Sometimes there’s more and I choose not to listen.  But the truth is, I am getting older and the day will come.

There have been times I’ve thought “just take me now!” but those were the hard days the ones where everyone wanted a piece of me. Chunk by chunk. Those were the days when I thought I wouldn’t be able to take another breath for the stress. It seems now, looking back that they all came at once. Those days are in the past and now my life is much simpler.

I took a grandson to the movies yesterday. We laughed our way through nachos and slurpees as we watched The Lego Movie. Then we walked by the fountain outside with his questions of “Can I go in the fountain?” answered by my “No.” {It is March after all} Then we saw a sign that said Keep out of Fountain.  He said, “It doesn’t say keep out of the water, so does that mean I can go in?” I said “No.”

We continued in that vein as long as it took us to make a rotation around the fountain. It included questions like: Can I stick my hand in the water? Can I reach in and get a coin? Can I reach in and take a coin out and throw it back? {it was a big fountain}

We walked out by the lake and he wanted to go down to the docks that were barely above the water- the level is so very low. {Rain would be nice about now, Lord}lakewaterweb

I said “No.”  The gates were locked to the docks – whew, dodged that one.

We talked about other things as we slowly made our way along the lake’s edge, strolling toward the car. He asked “Can we get frozen yogurt?” I said “Yes.”

And we did. Actually, it was chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.  For him.

And he talked and asked and answered questions.

And I talked and answered and asked questions.

You know, the ones about life, the universe and everything; and No- the answer isn’t 42. (Thank you, Douglas Adams)

I cherish these moments, blips on the radar, they will be gone too soon, fond memories of one afternoon lingering in the back of my mind.

And, I move on, as we all do, toward that certain end.

But, I’m not there yet. I have more movies to see and more memories to make and more questions to ask and answer!

I want it said of me as God said of Abraham:

Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people. Genesis 25:8

I wonder what a “good old age” is……….


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