Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

It’s time for 5 minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s hangout.

Today’s prompt:


You know we think of this word and quite often the vision of a young woman comes to mind.  Or, perhaps a landscape or sunrise or sunset.  Or, for you, perhaps it’s something else altogether.

I stopped to think about those things that I attribute “beautiful” to- a rose just blooming, a painted sky, the shape of a building, a child’s smile, kind eyes, a certain color, the way the ocean moves, the sound of music, the grace of a doe.

A partial list true, but what gets my attention is the unintentional hint in the word itself- the first two letters: BE.

All these things reflect their purpose- to be what they were designed and purposed to be.  And to see and appreciate the beauty we find there is to acknowledge the Designer’s work.

A few things I find beautiful:







May you find beauty wherever you are today!


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