Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

It’s 5-minute Friday again and today’s prompt is:




She and I were out of rhythm. Way out of rhythm. 


This week she spoke words of the petulant child; unhappy with herself but unable to express what her heart was feeling any other way. I did not feel her rhythm. I heard her words, her frustration; expressed by being sassy, pouty and disagreeable. 


She was out of sync. Way out.


At first, I tried to understand, but my heart did not get it. The rhythm of who she is was way off. As a result, I, too, lost my rhythm. Two females out of rhythm. Whose love for each other would normally cover every misstep. Instead, with every word we spat at each other we stepped on the other’s  heart.


Now, I see what I could not feel before. I feel what she was feeling. The beat was NOT right. For either of us.


WeI have some repairing to do to get back to the rhythm we are familiar with and to resume the dance of love of a granddaughter and her nana.


Ding. Time’s up. 


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