Five Minute Friday: Jump

JUMP is the prompt for FMF today. The second I read it all I could think of was the Pointer Sisters song… dating myself again!

Jump-a risky word. We jump into something without reading the “read this first” instructions. When we do that we have to accept the possible consequences and rewards that accompany that action. 

When I was younger that was a much less risky proposition, now- there is that pause, the holding of the breath, the brief what-if thought that races through my head and jumps in first. 

I do think I’d rather jump than not, though. Don’t you?  

If we never take a risk, never jump, never feel that cool water rushing in over our heads then what good is the word? If you would like you can join me when the time is right and the sun has warmed us all to that over-heated point and jump in the pool with me!

He gives Good Gifts and I do believe that the pool is on my list of His Good Gifts to me. What is your pool in your life? Where do you jump?


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