Five Minute Friday: Wonder

Ok, Today’s prompt is the last one of this year of 2012. We think, we write and we share today on the subject of:


I don’t wonder that I can see the moon whole and shining; hanging in the sky like a big pearl waiting to be plucked. I don’t wonder at the splashes of pink, purple, orange, blue and red  slowly streaking across the sky in the early morning. I don’t wonder at the mountains pushing their way up from the ground, covered in snow sparkling in the sun. I don’t wonder in the sound of the ocean waves lulling me to sleep on a summer afternoon. I don’t wonder in the fruit of the garden planted with care.

I do wonder in the God who did all these things- Who offered them as a gift to my senses. Who continually gives to me, especially the things that are of little monetary value. He has given me everything.  That is what I wonder at.

I wonder that the Author and Creator of the Universe would take time to give me good gifts. I mean who am I really?  That He would stoop low to show me His favor? That He would send Himself to rescue me? That He would protect me from harm in so many ways? That He would think enough of me to give me that moonrise or sunrise or flower or tomato or beach or snow because He knows I love them so?

And, then, I wonder at His answer: “Because you are mine!”

Take a little time to wonder at His Love in this season we celebrate His ultimate Gift to us. In the midst of the parties, the decorating, the carols, the presents, the carpool lines, the check out lines, the onlines- you know all those things that are just the layers we have wrapped around the Gift. Wonder at the Gift and let yourself go in the pure Joy of Him!

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