Five Minute Friday: Stretch

this week’s challenge from the Gypsy Mama is:


We use this word so frequently; it’s peppered into our conversations, slipped in really, under the door and has permeated everything.

We stretch our muscles, we stretch our brains, we stretch out a recipe, we make the checkbook stretch (we have been known to see it snap back and hit us in the face occasionally), we stretch our time, we stretch our clothes (sometimes when they weren’t made to stretch) because we stretched out our dessert!

That tells me this about us- if we are always stretching something then it may be an indicator that we don’t believe we have enough or will have enough. Funny, I never thought about it this way before now. Puts a whole new perspective on this verse, doesn’t it?

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

I suppose I could take each individual way we use the word and say that there are times it’s beneficial; which it is, sometimes. But in our economy we often focus on the lack that it indicates. If we could only stretch our faith to include that verse every time we find ourselves at the stretching point- He will supply everything that we need- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual- for me that meansĀ Enough.



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