What’s Your Request?

In a Bible study group recently, we had finished with our discussion and were submitting our prayer requests when one precious soul announced that she had a request; but she felt guilty asking for something from God all the time, sorry that her needs were many and that she felt she should be doing something more with her prayer time than asking for help and for the needs of herself and her family. Right or wrong?


To me, prayer is not only asking for ourselves, but it’s also an ongoing opportunity to provide intercession for others, to worship, to offer thanksgiving for provision and to offer our praise to our Creator, King and Author of the Universe. Our requests, however, do occupy a lot of real estate in our prayer lives. Situations and needs arise daily that push this part of our prayers to the forefront. That’s OK. He wants us to rely on Him in everything.


And, it is an honor for a believer to present another one’s needs to the Lord. Our sensitivity to the needs and pain of the world is heightened and we can minister more fully to this world we live in. 


In Genesis, He speaks and the world is created. How much more will happen in our lives when He speaks with us? 


After all, isn’t prayer an act of trust when we bring all to Him and submit our will to His?


I’ve turned this into a series, of a sort, because I’ve got so many words to share about this ongoing conversation I have with the Lord. 

Shall we begin?


See you at Midnight.


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

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