Words Overheard

I was sitting in my local coffee establishment the other day, tucked away in a sunny corner sipping my non-fat latte when I over heard these words from a woman to her male colleague: “Girls who have sex feel something in their hearts. It’s not just hello, goodbye. This generation, they feel nothing. For them … Read more

St. Paddy’s Day

I know the day is almost over but i must share my favorite quote attributed to St. Patrick. It is a portion of a prayer said to be his. I first came across this several years ago in England. We visited a small church that had beautiful note cards for sale for missions by the … Read more

Five Minute Friday: Enough

Today is Friday, and it’s link up again with The Gypsy Mama. The word of the week is ENOUGH. If I had a penny (not a nickel or a dime) for every time I’ve said that word- yes, you know the rest- I’d be rich. What I’d really be rich in is, well …there are … Read more