Five Minute Friday: Hands

Today’s prompt is:


I look down at my hands and wonder. These hands have held thousands of babies, taught mothers how to feed, bathe, clothe their babies for the first time. These hands have cradled, fed, clothed and dressed someone most of my life. They have wiped tears, cleaned and bandaged scrapes. They have administered medications, given injections, assisted with suturing, and written instructions. 

They have written reports, submitted budgets, written policy and procedure manuals, protocol for all kinds of things; and they have written long letters, love notes, reminders, addressed many birthday cards, invites, Christmas cards, and wedding invitations.  

They have also cooked up a mean omelet, perfect pancakes, and the best monster cookies in the world {according to several people}.

They have mopped, dusted, washed clothes and folded, washed dishes, pots and pans and cleaned up after the dog and the cats. They have put together furniture and toys, and played games with children.  

They have turned countless pages on book after book; fairytales, Bible stories, literature, scifi, prayer journals, every page in the Bible, books on accounting, med-surg nursing, pediatrics, how-to books, cook books, and devotional books.

And my hands have done countless other things, some good, some bad. These hands aren’t perfect- they are connected to my heart and mind and go where they tell them. 

But the most important thing these hands have done has been to take my children by the hand and lead them to the safe haven that is Christ alone.

My hands don’t talk but they say a lot by what they’ve done.

And so do yours.

 May the favour of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us –

 yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17


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