Five Minute Friday: Break

Today Lisa-Jo Baker is taking a break. We continue to write, and the subject this week is:


I unwrapped some articles that had been in storage this week. One box was from my husband’s mother’s things when we cleared out the assisted living apartment she had spent her last years in. The boxes weren’t marked; I had no idea what was in them. I popped open the first one, and began unwrapping glass after glass- her everyday tea glasses. Surprisingly, none were broken. As I continued, there were sounds of glass as some of the wrapping paper shifted-breakage. I slowly unwrapped the next item and found one of her special occasion glasses- broken. In all there were 4 broken. She would have been sad to see her things dumped into a box and taped up and thrown into storage only to have them retrieved and found damaged. 
That is what we all are, once revealed, broken.
Until God.
He comes into our lives and repairs the breaks. He sands down the sharp edges, finds the missing pieces, glues back our hearts, cleans us and makes us useful. We can still see the evidence of His mending- the trailing line back to our past, the faint sign of a chip off the edge. But, once we are whole we have purpose and can be used as we were designed to be used. 
“For it is God who acts in you to will and  to act in order to fill his good purpose.” Philippians 2:13


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