Five Minute Friday: Writer


It’s FMF. Today’s writing prompt is: Writer

I’ve not done this in a while- write. Not because of a block, or getting lost in the words and unable to find a clear path. Just a season not of writing, but of gathering. Being a writer also means being a gatherer of words. These letters strung together that bring meaning into our lives.

If you think about it, words are really the most important gift of all. Words have power –to comfort, to kill, to raise up, to lay waste. How we use the words we gather along the path we are on determines how we get on with the world.

A writer’s gift to the world is to share that particular string of letters that, in a moment of clarity, have taken on meaning-enough that it is impossible not to share.  If something becomes paramount to your life you share it with all you know. If the way you share it is in the written word, you are a writer.



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