Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

It’s 5-minute Friday and today’s prompt is:


This made me think of the title of the film “A Life Less Ordinary”. I thought it should mean something different than what was expressed in the story. ¬†You know, something spectacular, with a little glamour, some glitz, a touch of bling. But after thinking about the concept of “less” ordinary, I realized that it was just that- a concept and a title of a film.

We all live unique lives, individual to each one. Granted we have a shared existence, but our perspectives are our own.

Nothing in my life is ordinary. Nothing in your life is ordinary. It may look like that on the outside. We are all here for one purpose- our existence is to glorify God.

Ordinary days. Ordinary lives. The usual. Day in, day out. We get up. We get dressed. We have a daily routine that is repeated many times over. Yet, each day brings its own set of promises, problems, and possibilities.

What makes our lives extra-ordinary, out of the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY is what, or rather, Who we live for; our belief that we were made by Him, for Him, to be in fellowship and friendship with Him. Each action we take, each decision we make is based on who we are in Him. Regardless of what that looks like in each one of us, He has brought Salvation to our ordinary.

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