“Be Productive because God is Productive”

“Be productive because God is productive” these words blinked at me in an early morning stare thanks to my computer. They were in the subject line of an email. On opening it there was nothing – just those 6 little power packed words staring back at me. Oh well, something glitched again. Ok… now what?

I went on with my morning, washing clothes, dishes, folding, packing, ordering meds from the pharmacy, reading email, checking FB, etc.

Didn’t think anything more until this afternoon. Yup, you are right I went back and checked it again to see if there was any change, a clue, something…. Nada.

Just those same six words staring at me.

So I have to do something, right?

Aaaaand, my brain goes into overdrive!

First discover the meaning, is it a request or a command?

A trick or genuine? A mistake or word from…..?

What do I do with it? Am I reading more into it than is meant?

My head is spinning!

In the end, I take it as a challenge- a word from God. He talks to me like this every now and then and I’ve discovered if I don’t listen, I’m usually sorry- for a long time.  

And…even though creation was a very long, long time ago… and I’m in the here and now, I’m pretty sure that God is still productive each and every day.

So if I’m supposed to be productive because He is productive, how is that going to happen, what must be done to accomplish it?

Does it mean I’m to be reading and sharing? Putting what I read into practice?

Does it mean I’m to be listening for the next instruction?

Does it mean that I’m to just go about my business and do my best?

Just what is that anyway?

I went out and found the post on the website that was connected to the email. And, I was right, this was a command to me! I have vacillated between “producing” something to sell on my website.

You know,t hat moment where the thought appears out of nowhere: “To commercialize or not to commercialize- that is the question!”

My husband’s first thought was: “Yes, commercialize” bring in some income. It’s honest work. You can do that.” My first thought was: “No, I can’t do that. It would be demeaning in some way to acquire funds from friends who read. And besides God wouldn’t want me to gain from discussing my life with Him.”

So I’ve been balancing on that pasture fence I’ve been on for some time. Maybe from fear, from disdain, or from the honest possibility that whatever I chose to do would flop in my face.

Now I pray.

Stay tuned. 

May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17

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