Five Minute Friday: Enough

Today is Friday, and it’s link up again with The Gypsy Mama. The word of the week is ENOUGH.

If I had a penny (not a nickel or a dime) for every time I’ve said that word- yes, you know the rest- I’d be rich. What I’d really be rich in is, well …there are many things I’ve had enough of, but countless things I can never get enough of.

I can never get enough of… tea, England, the smell of the air when I get off the plane in London, Smokey Mountains, Grand Canyon, Chocolate-plain and unadulterated please, Sangre de Christo Mountains at sunset, sunrise on the Atlantic shore, the mizzle (mist-drizzle) rain of England in mid summer, good books, snow-on anything, especially me walking in it, the crunch of snow underfoot, cool soft breezes that lift the curtain at an open window, the Eiffel Tower at 10pm when all the lights sparkle on it making it a jewel in the night, the thoughtfulness of my husband loading the dishwasher,  looking out at the Mediterranean sea’s blue as far as I can see, Evensong in a 1000 year old church, ancient tombstone’s silent testimony of loved ones passed-the tender message left for me to read, a field of sunflowers, standing in the courtyard of an old castle looking at a tree that’s over 400 years old, touching a wall built almost 2000 years ago, the joy that conversation of friendship brings, the silent companionship of a beloved pet, the smile on my grandson’s face when I call him by my pet name for him even though he’s only 8 months old, “I love you, Nana” from all of my grandchildren, the craziness at thanksgiving,  a heart-to-heart talk with my daughter, or sons, or son in law, or daughters in law singing old hymns, sitting and looking at the Tower Bridge, seeing my grandson tuck into his daddy’s shoulder- the nook made just for him, listening to the ocean, good music, the smell of gardenias, jasmine and lavender, or a good apple pie cooking, etc.

But all these things I can’t get enough of are only the gifts from the One I will never get enough of; they are blessings bestowed on me by the Father who gives all good things. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the good gifts I love.


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