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I’m a firm believer in leaving a legacy. Some choose to do this by compiling recipes, passing down loved linens, old picture albums, and other memorabilia. Some do this by living what they teach, or teaching how not to live like they once did. For me, it’s words. Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful mementos, but I love what they represent-the stories attached to them- more. 


Those stories give me a sense of place and help me identify where I came from. I lived with my grandmother/mother and my not-biological grandfather from the time I was 6 months old. The grandmother/mother attained legal and physical custody of me when my biological parents split. For years I lived in limbo. Who did I belong to, was I my father’s child, where did my mother come from (she was adopted out, not once but twice and lived in a children’s home between times)? Just where did the blood in my veins come from? Certainly not my grandfather, maybe from my grandmother/mother or my father, her son (although according to her the verdict was out on that and there were two other candidates that could possibly claim that right), definitely from my biological mother, but where did she come from? 


You see my conundrum. For years I tried to sift through what I knew and what I didn’t- what a legacy, eh?  As a child I tried to make sense of what I was told and what I overheard. When I matured and put away childish things, this one thing I clung to. Where did I come from and who was I?


All along the way God was introducing me to my real heritage. He started with the beginning of creation and brought me all the way through to Jesus through Whom I now stand as an adopted daughter with all the rights and privileges thereof. 


This is the legacy I will leave my children, books of journals, blog posts, and a book of letters started for my oldest grandchild when he was born but one that will be for all of those precious grand-babies. They are full of events, feelings, purpose and provision in the midst by the King of Heaven Himself. I want to leave them with the knowledge that they are His grandchildren and their legacy is the story of “our family”. The Story is found in the pages of scripture and connected to them through the experiences I share with them. One day it will all become clear to them and the answer to “Who am I, where did I come from, where do I belong?” will be PERFECTLY CLEAR.


In the beginning was The Word….John 1:1


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