Five Minute Friday: Dance

Ok, today’s 5 minutes is about Dance.

When I was 13, 14 and 15 I went to dances every weekend. I was an Air Force brat and we always had Friday and Saturday night dances, informal, with live local rock bands. I remember sitting around with my friends on pins and needles waiting for the right boy to ask me to dance. Rhythm has always been a part of my life, it actually is my life- there is a particular rhythm to which we all “dance” through life. My dancing days were over when I married my husband- an amateur musician- he doesn’t dance, the rhythm is not in his feet but in the instrument he plays.

I began dancing again, to my rhythm, when I had my first child. I would dance around the room with her, while I was home alone with the first joy in my life I actually had a part in creating. Then I watched her as a 3 year old in her pink leotard and tutu go through the paces of the rhythm in her heart.

And, last year I watched as her daughter dressed in that same ballet pink, went through her paces and danced to her own rhythm. I saw her watching the ballerinas dance during the Nutcracker while she sat in my lap to see better- we were on the fourth row- 🙂

To my internal amazement, I realized that the three of us, we all have the same rhythm- we dance the same dance- we are daughters of the King and we dance the rhythm He gave us.



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