In a Quandary… Again

 What to do? When to do? How to do?

Ever get stuck in that spot where you know you need to do something but don’t know where to start?

That’s where I am today. Haven’t posted for a bit because I’ve been struggling with what to say, how to say it and when to say it….a recurring theme in my life of late.

An online devotional I subscribe to, recently stated in the teaser: “Lord, am I content with who I am, what I do, and how I do it? Does it honor you if I am not content with who I am?”

I am not sure I could ever say I was content with who I am until this past year. That says a lot about me doesn’t it?

Most of the malcontent I had was in relation to two things- both of which are no longer in my life.While these “things” had meaning for me, they both sapped my energy, my time, my faith. Now that they are no longer in my life- one was removed beyond my control and the other I removed by choice- I have perspective of what they both brought to my life. 


To arrive at the instant where the light bulb turned on and the message I received was, well enlightening: “See, this is what I wanted you to learn all those times it was difficult for you; all those experiences where you seemed to be having Groundhog days over and over again; all those days where it seemed that nothing was accomplished. They were for a purpose; My purpose.”


Thought I would share a bit of what I’ve learned (you may already know this; but, bear with me-it takes me a bit longer to get something inside my head permanently):


Never say anything that you might  or know you will regret later. 

Words, once spoken, hang out there like a helium balloon. They bump up against others, back at you, and just hover in the room. Once the helium is gone they just sink and stay where they fall. Words spoken in anger we cannot take back; but a timely word lingers with a sweet perfume.


Would you rather hear:

Arrogant words, rash words, evil words, deceitful words, killing words, words of hatred, rebellious words, cruel words, envious words, quarrelsome words, sharp words, twisted words, violent words, ambush words, perverse words, seductive words, multiplying words, wicked words, reckless words, frustrating words, destructive words, mere words, idle words, meaningless words, despised words, faulty words, insolent words, empty words, wounding words, rejected words, proud words, demanding words, angry words, rejecting words, sorrowful words, worthless words, stubborn words, distorted words, lying words, fearful words, words of lament, woeful words, mourning words, obscure words, delayed words, false words, boastful words, greedy words, impatient words, babbling words, words of entrapment, troubling words, shameful words, judging words, shaming words, defiant words, blasphemous words, condemning words. 




Sweet words, sweeter than honey words, soft words, good words, beautiful words, gentle words, prophetic words, true words, guarded words, soothing words, righteous words, well-spoken words, flawless words, words of instruction, kind words, wise words, persuasive words, fruitful words, understanding words, welcoming words, insightful words, just words, accepting words, joyful words, warning words, hidden words, encouraging words, words of conviction, timely words, gracious words, pure words, glorious words, healing words, careful words, warning words, intelligible words, sealed for another time words, given words, restrained words, words of knowledge, prudent words, affirming words, certain words, believing words, comforting words, quiet words, the right words, meaningful words, remembered words, words of blessing, loving words, authoritative words, powerful words, commanding words, fulfilling words, saving words, Spirit-filled words, Holy words, Eternal words, Words of the Lord, Living Word, The Word of the Lord, The Word.


If you are even just a little bit like me, I’ll leave you with these words of the psalmist-

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth. Psalm 119:103


and a prayer that He will guard the door of your lips and mine so that your words and mine would be received just as we receive the Word of the Living God.  

Wow, looking back on this- boy, did I chase rabbits this time… maybe another lesson learned next time. I bet you could add some words to both lists. One I particularly appreciated was “multiplying words”- gossip by any other name…an interesting way to describe don’t you think?

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