Sitting Still and Going Nowhere Fast… On the Surface

I must own up here, that I am often guilty of sitting still. By that I mean, I’m really sitting around DOING nothing. Nothing at all. On the flip side of that I’m really guilty of sitting around appearing to be doing nothing.

I am not employed. I have grandchildren running rampant through my life- I quite like that. I have a spouse still employed; my parents and his are no longer on this earth. My children are busy with their own lives and now, here I sit. 

As a young mother I was often overwhelmed by the amount of work that faced me; and by that I mean physical labor. No one told me it was hard work- first to have babies; then to feed babies; then to take care of babies; and chase after toddlers cleaning up the mess the little whirlwinds left in their wake; to run after school agers working on projects, going to games, practices, parties, and whatever else their teachers or coaches thought would be enlightening; then running to find the teens and try to keep them out of trouble, and be their driver until they get their license; and then somewhere the end of that season sneaks upon us and suddenly they are adults. I also added a full time job on to that list above, and, I’ve been flat worn out at times. And, now, I sit.

Looking on the deeper side of things…

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote some jewels that are seemingly hidden in the midst of his “moaning and groaning” about life.  At the introduction of this book, Chapter 1, verse 2 states: 

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!”

Like I said-moaning and groaning…

Tucked away in chapter 3, is a beautiful little jewel many of my generation will remember the words that were put to song and made a hit record by the Byrds. “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven”.

And that brings me back to where I started by the long way round! I have lived through many seasons and now find myself in a season that I’m not quite sure I recognize yet. Another Season. Not to say I’ve caught up with the rest of me but, looking back, I shake my head in wonder that I’ve survived it all so far.

I am guilty of sitting still-physically. However, if you could see the wheels turning in my head… I am fairly spinning in place! 

So many things pop up that I want to say to my children, my husband, my friends. And I read. The news. The weather. Blogs. FB posts. Emails. Books. Articles. Op-Ed pieces. Much of what I read is full of the everyday, the mundane; but like reading Ecclesiastes, there are little nuggets enveloped in what I read that sometimes are glossed over. These nuggets are things to pray about.

I have also begun to listen below the surface. To my friends, my children, my husband (although he might claim otherwise);  so many of these conversations reveal hidden needs. These nuggets are things to pray about.


Sometimes I respond and pray immediately when I discern these nuggets. Sometimes, though, I don’t. That’s where I’m the most guilty. And the most convicted.

I am beginning to realize that prayer is becoming the most important part of my life. After all, communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. My conversations with the Lord are just that- conversations. I’d like to be able to say when I’ve drawn my last breath that I was praying with my last breath. So, when you see me sitting around…I might be discovering who and what to pray for; not just wool-gathering!

I call to you, LORD, come quickly to me; hear me when I call to you. May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice. Psalm 141:1-2




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