The Boredom of Sameness

The boredom of sameness or the outcome of predictability. Is your life the same day after day? Do you find yourself doing everything by rote? On auto-pilot? Get to work and can’t remember the past 20 minutes?

May I suggest? GET A LIFE!!!

Oh, my.. sorry, lost my head!

Whether or not we get stuck in that aforementioned rut where things are ho-hum, we all have moments like that. As for myself, I have lots of moments like that. When those moments, though, are all we can remember, I think it’s time we went looking for our passion. If you can’t remember what your passion is, where it went, or when it left, or if you ever had something called passion- don’t feel bad. Been there, too!

A change of scenery may be what is called for. Not necessarily a physical change; perhaps, only a change of the internal scenery in the way we look at things and the things we are looking at.

Our world is changing so quickly, I believe that our perspectives can’t keep up; so we retreat into sameness, into a predictable life pattern out of self defense. We retreat to our comfort zone because anything more than that requires a lot more energy and focus.


You know how it goes: wake to the alarm, shower, dress, hair, makeup- if you use it- ;>), breakfast or coffee, grab what you need for work and out the door. Drive to work, same route, get to work, turn on the computer, scan the email, look for critical issues to be addressed at once, then for the first cup of the day at work.. A meeting here, a meeting there, phone calls, discussions, then lunch. Return to work, complete answering email, take more calls, make more calls, get memos out, write letters to several, etc. then the day is over and you drive home, same route, same congestion on the way. Get home, get the mail, sort the mail, look in the fridge for something to fix to eat for self and/or others, find there’s nothing, decide whether its the grocery or call for take away. throw a load in the wash, prep clothes for tomorrow, make personal calls and emails. check the tube for whatever might be on this evening. Have a personal interchange with whoever else is in the house, get ready for bed, prep the coffee pot for tomorrow morning. go to bed. sleep and repeat.


So after all this, there’s time for thinking; let alone discovering wherever you left your passion?  in my case- NOT


I have now retired from the above schedule. Of course, that schedule is an abbreviated list of what actually happens during a day in the life. And, if your line of work does not include an office, I’m sure that you can insert whatever your day looks like to you.


When I was working I discovered that I had indeed lost my passion, my calling and had forgotten what God had already taught me long ago:

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 2 Peter 1:3


When we lose sight of the object of our focus- The Lord Jesus Christ- we lose sight of our calling-that which He has purposed for us to do. We lose the passion that infuses our lives when our focus is on Jesus.

I am discovering again, that my passion includes a love for life and those around me and that it will grow again by His Grace- certainly not by my own energy! In other words, I had allowed the world to come crashing in on me and, because of this, I lost my focus on the Word.

This may sound a bit simplistic to you and you may be thinking-“lady, have you got it wrong! My life is much more complicated that yours ever could be!” Believe me I understand! I could make your ears burn! I think had someone said these things to me when I was in the middle of a crisis I wouldn’t even have given them the time it took to laugh in his or her face. And yes, I have distilled it down to the simplest common denominator; however, I believe that it’s the key to everything- our focus and where it’s directed. So, please, check your coffee pot then stop and ponder a while where you are. See if you can discover or re-discover the Source of your passion and calling.

May His Grace and Mercy be upon you and may He restore your passion through His Purpose and may you never lose focus on the Author and Perfector of our faith.

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