Nature’s Portraits

Nature’s Portraits

Thought I would offer up some recent pictures. I usually take pics of flowers and landscapes; however sunsets and other pictures of God’s Handiwork also make it into the camera lens.

The first pic is of the full moon that was so bright recently. I’m not sure how it happened; but the actual landscape of the moon ended up as another image reflected on the lens. I couldn’t have done this in a thousand years on purpose. Serendipity at work!


Yesterday evening, I looked out as the sun was setting and it was not one of those knock your socks off sunsets; but pretty with clouds. The first pic is not the sunset itself. The clouds above it were wispy, fragile looking and made me think of spun sugar (cotton candy, candy floss).


Then, the sunset… the big white cloud looks like a fish going after something!





This last one I caught as I turned to go back inside- came from a completely different direction…


Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. Psalm 8:1

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

It’s time for 5 minute Friday at Lisa-Jo’s hangout.

Today’s prompt:


You know we think of this word and quite often the vision of a young woman comes to mind.  Or, perhaps a landscape or sunrise or sunset.  Or, for you, perhaps it’s something else altogether.

I stopped to think about those things that I attribute “beautiful” to- a rose just blooming, a painted sky, the shape of a building, a child’s smile, kind eyes, a certain color, the way the ocean moves, the sound of music, the grace of a doe.

A partial list true, but what gets my attention is the unintentional hint in the word itself- the first two letters: BE.

All these things reflect their purpose- to be what they were designed and purposed to be.  And to see and appreciate the beauty we find there is to acknowledge the Designer’s work.

A few things I find beautiful:







May you find beauty wherever you are today!