Small Town Texas… A Visit

 It’s a sunny Saturday in late winter and we arrived in Lockhart just in time to eat. We came for the barbeque and for a look-see around town. There seems to be a rivalry as to whose establishment has the best in Texas. Not a surprise- this is Texas and stories of rivalries abound here. From ranches to restaurants, from towns to high school football teams. This is Texas.


High noon on the courthouse clock indicates it’s time for dinner (or lunch as it’s known to the rest of the world.) To show you the actual meal would be cruel since you can’t smell or taste the goodness that is barbeque!



The courthouse is a beautiful late 1800s building that is the centerpiece of Lockhart.

{Yes, I was playing with effects.}



The architecture of the old buildings all around the square are comforting and charming at the same time.  



The old red brick Brock Building now houses a clock museum on its first floor.



The First Christian Church was built the same year as the Brock Building and is just as beautiful.



Old signs are scattered around town- neon signs, and fading painted walls remind us of what once was.




And what Texas town would be complete without a saloon?



It’s Saturday in Texas.

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